Mykindofjob (MKOJ) is an online commercial marketplace for professionals who are looking for flexibility at work.At Mykindofjob.com:

  • Students can find internships of their choice or amazing part time job opportunities
  • Housewives/New Mothers can find jobs that offer flexibility
  • Retired or people nearing retirement can look for meaningful work options having flexibility
  • Accomplished subject matter experts, who have already opted for flexibility by either choosing to be a freelancer or by setting up their own small firm/company, can effectively market themselves as well as pick exciting short term assignments/projects with Corporate.

However, the idea of Mykindofjob.com is not to be just a job portal. While Jobs remain the pivot, the portal aims to be a place where one can meet/ interact/network with like-minded people/ people with similar interest, engage with employers, follow people and companies, share experiences, market yourself if you are an expert, find avenues to monetize your innate individual skills and much more.

At Mykindofjob.com, we have corporate offering jobs that offer flexibility. We have the following flexible work options on the portal:

Part Time Job

  • Typically, part time employees don’t have restriction of taking another job.
  • Normally either these are daily jobs with reduced work hours (typically half days or few hours) or they have fixed days/no. of days in a week/month.

Compressed work week

  • A compressed work schedule allows an employee to work a traditional 40-45 hour workweek in less than five workdays.
  • Many compressed work schedule options may be negotiated. For example, a full-time employee scheduled for 45 hours per week could work four 11.15 hour days instead of five 9 hour days.

Work from Home – Full

  • Employee can work from the comfort of his/ her home
  • He/she needs to come to office only in case of meetings, reviews, etc.
  • The time commitment required can be normal 8/9 hours like a full time job
  • Depending on the job, employee may have restriction of taking other jobs

Work from Home  – Partial

  • In case of Work from Home (Partial), employee works out of home but is required to attend to office every week for 1 or more days.

Daily Relaxed Hours

  • Daily job with less than 8 hour schedule

Thus, as you can see, part time jobs are just one of the flexible work options on the portal.


Have a dashboard and Profile Page

Upload Resume

Create Video Profile

Search/Apply  for Jobs

Ability to view/ interact with all other members on the site

Monetize/ Consummate your passion/ personal skills








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Follow Corporate/ People

Subscribe to Company Newsletters, journals, publications

Post Company reviews or Read/ Comment on them

Create, Follow, Share professional Bucket List

Drop Your E Visiting Card







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Offers Limited Functionality

Yes! At MKOJ, besides jobs posted by Corporate, we also have Skill Requirements (refer Skills Corner).

Skill Requirements are jobs posted by people (Corporate/Employers cannot post classified jobs) who are looking to consume some other individual’s innate personal skills or acquired knowledge like arts, dance, sports, music, academics, etc. for their own benefit. Only individuals are eligible to apply for such jobs. Please note there is no charge/fees for posting a classified job or applying to one.

E.g. A Homemaker is looking for a math tutor for her kid who is in 12th Standard. She posts a Classified job. An Investment Banker who is in a regular 9-5 job loves math and is open to taking personal tuitions. He sees the classified job on Mykindofjob.com and applies. The Homemaker connects with the Investment Banker and they both decide to go ahead.

Your search for the job of your choice has been made better through many useful features on the portal like:


  • Intelligent Search Engine – Our Search engine has been developed by highly known industry experts to give you that cutting edge in your job search. The extremely intelligent search and recommendation engine brings you jobs that are closest matches to your search criteria.
  • Save Job References – You can set your desired search criteria and our recommendation engine brings you jobs fitting your criteria in your inbox. So we ensure you will never miss a relevant job opening.
  • Get help from people who you might not even know –Use our revolutionary ‘Huddle platform’ to help others and get help from others towards finding your ‘dream’ job.
  • Network with Employees/alumni – You can also network with employees and alumni of a prospective employer to get feedback and take a more informed decision about your next job.
  • Read Employer Review – Read what different people have said in Employer Review” of your prospective employer to get a better perspective.

Detailed Company Profiles – At MKOJ, benefit from in-depth and properly presented information about a prospective employer in terms of its general profile, CSR activities, testimonials, company reviews, newsletters and journals, videos, office pictures, etc. We believe, all this will definitely help you a take a better and more informed decision about your next employer.

Yes. As long as you meet the requirements of the job and the Employer who has posted it and provided your Institute allows you to take up a job, go ahead and apply.

Click on the top right icon on your screen. If you have uploading your profile picture, the icon would show your profile picture. Click on settings. You will see an option to change your password.

My Dashboard is your personal homepage on the portal. This is the page you land on after logging in. You can post updates, articles, thoughts and ideas as well as receive posts of your connections, people you are following, jobs matching categories that you have saved. You can also comment, like, share other user’s posts reflected on your dashboard.

No, your dashboard is personal and cannot be viewed by other users.

Your post can be viewed by your connections and your followers on their dashboards.

Yes, we would be happy if you were to invite your connections on Linkedin to come and join Mykindofjob.com. Click on “ Find People” and start inviting your friends to be part of this one-of-a-kind network. Not only Facebook/ LinkedIn you can invite your connections on Gmail/G+ and twitter as well.

Click on your Display Picture on top right of the screen, Click on “My Posts”. You will find all your posts here. You also have the option to edit and repost your old post.

Connections are people that you may already know or whom you want to connect with in order to benefit from them. You can send a ‘connection request’ to any other individual or Employer on the portal. The other person/ party has the right to accept or reject the ‘connection request.’ Once connected, you will start seeing each other’s posts and other relevant updates on the dashboard.

The fundamental difference is that you will follow a person when you look upto him/her and would like to get access to his/her views on various subjects, philosophies and thoughts. On the other hand, you would want to make a person your connection if you feel you can mutually benefit each other by being connected.

Also, one can decline a connection request received from another individual. However, the person who is being followed cannot “not accept” being followed.

Your profile can be viewed by all registered users on the portal; Individual as well as Corporate/ Institutions. However, your contact details and resume are visible only to Corporate/ Institutions.

Yes. It is advisable that you take a few minutes to complete your profile as research has shown that a content rich and well written profile page gets a lot of views and high response.

This section allows you to showcase your expertise. So fill it up with your blog link that people follow or the fabulous presentation(s) that you gave, whitepapers, articles, press coverage or any video of yours that you might want to showcase, etc.

Great! Lets say you are looking to teach dancing and are an investment banker.


In “Know Me Better” section, you can talk about your journey as a Salsa dancer and capturing why people should learn dancing from you. You should also post videos and pictures showcasing your dancing prowess including any awards/accolades that you may have won. This can be done in the “Showcase” section.   


We would urge you to write about your regular investment banking job and other prior corporate jobs in the‘Work’section. This will ensure that you can come up in search when other investment bankers look for professionals which might help you in your day job as well.

Just like your Visiting card in real life, people with high level of expertise in their function/ industry have been provided with an E Visiting Card on the portal. You will have to fill up the required information on your profile page to have a complete E Visiting Card. Your E Visiting card is reversible and can be viewed from both front and back.

Your E Visiting Card is subtle but a very powerful marketing tool. It is perfect when you don’t want to send unwanted emails to someone asking for work and yet make your presence felt.

You can choose to “drop your E Visiting Card card” to Corporate(s) where you would like to scout work. It is a one click “drop your card process” with no emails required. Moreover, you don’t need to be connected with the Corporate to drop your Card. Cards will be stored in the “E Visiting cards folder” of the Corporate which can get in touch with you as and when it deems fit. You can also write mails within the portal to Corporate if you wish to follow up.

No, MKOJ does not do any screening of resume. When you apply a job, your application is sent to the Employer without any screening from our side.

Whenever you apply for a job posting, a pre-written message template pops up. You can write what you want to write in your cover letter by modifying the standard message and converting it into your cover letter. The Employer will get this Cover Letter along with your profile as part of your job application.

Only corporate looking to hire talent will have access to your resume/curriculum vitae.

You can save your search criteria for your ideal/dream job and our recommendation engine brings you jobs fitting those criteriain your inbox.

To avoid spamming and misuse, one can apply to a maximum of 25 jobs in a month. We feel if you are applying with care and discretion, this limit would be sufficient.

There could be multiple reasons for not receiving a response to your job application, which are best known to corporate that posted the job. However, we suggest that you can try doing the following:


  • You can write a mail to the employer asking the status of your application.
  • You can follow that Employer so that you can get future jobs from that Employer in your inbox
  • You can also set your job preferences so that you can get future jobs matching the saved criteria in your inbox.

Mykindofjob.com is a marketplace. There will be things that may not be relevant to you but may be relevant for your friends, colleagues and family. Instead of blocking that information from you, we felt that it will be more meaningful if we allow access so that more people could get the job/internship/project or assignment of their interest and choice…. So you may find that great job for your grandfather and can help him apply for it.

Skill Requirements are jobs posted by people (Corporate/Employers cannot post classified jobs) who are looking to consume some other individual’s innate personal skills or acquired knowledge like arts, dance, sports, music, academics, etc. for their own benefit. Only individuals are eligible to apply for these jobs. For e.g.: looking for a music teacher, cricket coach, language expert, cookery expert etc. People having matching skills as posted in skill requirement can apply.

No, posting skill requirements is completely free.

You will receive all applications from other users to your skill requirement posting, in your inbox. You can shortlist them and interact and finalize with one you find most relevant.

No. We would advise you to conduct your own due diligence before selecting an applicant of your skill requirement posting.

Skills Corneris strictly for users to benefit from each other’s personal skills or acquired knowledge. It is not for any business/commercial use. We reserve the right to remove postings that are found violating the core use and philosophy behind Skills Corner.

Skills Listing is an advertisement on the platform about innate personal skills you are good at and you would like to monetize by providing your services to other users on the platform. It also allows you to mention the fees that you expect for your services, preferred days and time when you are available to offer your services.

You can access your Saved jobs by clicking theicon on the top row (5th icon from the left)

The job will stay active till it expires (crosses the application deadline). You will get a notification in case a saved job is about to expire.

You can follow:

  • People – Follow people that you look up to. It could be a CEO or an HR Head or your favorite professor or even anyone at your workplace whom you admire for his/her professional expertise

Employers – Follow Companies, NGOs, Educational Institutions of your choice and interest

You will start getting all posts from that individual on your dashboard. However, we will not bother you with updates of the followed person with respect activities like a new connection made by him, a job applied by that person, “like” to someone else’s post, etc. This is because we believe that you are following another person to get access to his/her views on various subjects, philosophies, thoughts, etc. and not for following activities done by that individual on the portal.

The fundamental difference is that you will follow a person when you look up to him/her and would like to get access to his/her views on various subjects, philosophies and thoughts. On the other hand, you would want to make a person your connection if you feel you can mutually benefit each other by being connected.

Also, one can decline a connection request received from another individual. However, the person who is being followed cannot “not accept” being followed.

You will start getting all posts and jobs posted by that Employer on your dashboard.

Generally speaking, Bucket list is your wish list of activities that you want to do in your lifetime and it can be anything from doing bungee jumping to travelling to space.

Since MKOJ is not a social platform, we have tweaked the general idea of a bucket list. My Bucket List is a wish list of those activities/items that you want to do/achieve in your professional career or work life. E.g. You may want to be a CEO before you turn 40, you may want to hire your own boss, Get two promotions in a year, etc.

At MKOJ, you can connect with people who share similar goals/ passion as yours. You can also connectwith individuals who can help you learn the skills required to achieve your bucket list. To top that, our intelligent recommendation engine showcases your bucket list to people who can possibly help, who you might not even know.

Let us know once you tick off any of your items from your bucket list. Nothing will make us happier.

Buzz section brings you the power of the marketplace as in this section; you will be easily able to find out the following of your choice:

  • Newsletters - Search newsletters by industry, function, company, etc. and subscribe to ones of your interest
  • Publications - Search various publications by industry, function, company, etc. and subscribe to ones of your interest
  • CSR programs – You can search and research about CSR programs of various corporate, Institutions and NGOs and even choose to volunteer
  • Employer Reviews – Write reviews on company(s) where you work/ have worked, benefit from employer reviews written by others to make a more informed decision with respect to your next employer

Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) is an activity that a corporate undertakes as its responsibility towardsthe society and environment. Many Corporate engage in CSR programs on its own or by associating with various NGOs as their way to give back to the society.

It’s very simple. When you see a listing of CSR program that you would like to volunteer for, click on “Volunteer” option towards the bottom of that listing. The Employer will receive your request in its inbox and then communicate with you for future action

Employer Reviews is your “overall” view of a company summed up in your words and qualified with your assessment of your review being “positive”, “negative” or “neutral”. You can give a Employer Review of a particular Employer only once.

Employer Reviews are independent reviews posted by people who have/ had an association with Employer. It can give you insights, which no other internet search can. You can even get in touch with people who posted the review to seek clarifications and get a better perspective. All this will help you a more informed view about a Employer who may even be your future employer.

No. If you are sure and confident about what you are saying, then you must stand up to it. So why would you need to hide your identity?

No. However, we reserve the right to remove a particular a post if it is found to be spurious, abusive or offending any religious communities/sentiments.

Every registered user at MKOJ has a personal inbox. You can use it to communicate with anybody within MKOJ, be it another user or any Employer. Thus you can communicate freely without any barriers and restrictions or the need to be networked with the other party. Your one to one communication on a public platform is absolutely discrete.

You can see your Inbox on the top of your page towards the right.  icon represents your Inbox.

Notifications signal an activity alert on your account. E.g.  user accepting your connection request, you getting a connection request, you getting amail in your mailbox, a job coming on your dashboard, etc.

You can see your Notifications on the top of your page towards the right.  icon represents your Notifications.