How Employer can hunt best talent on leading flexi time workplace?

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Why Are Companies Looking To ‘Uberize’ Their Workforce?

In today’s world, technology is at fore of almost everything we do. In the age of digital innovations, expectations are growing higher. The demand is for quick, reliable, on-demand services t...Read more>

Why more and more sales jobs will become commission based rather than fixed salary

Nowadays we see a shift towards commission based pay rather than salary in India. Ever wonder the reason for such a change? The simple answer is increased efficiency. There are many perks in going ...Read more>

Flexibility at Work is not Just About Freelancing & Part Time Jobs Any More

The need for flexibility at work is not just about freelancing, work from home a...Read more>

Talent Wants Flexibility at Work: Can the Board Rooms Ignore it?

Based on a conversation with Sandeep Kohli, National Director- Human Resources, Ernst & Young (EY). Sandeep is leading the talent function for EY covering more than 14,000 ...Read more>

The HR Leaders Are Ready with a Business Case for Flexi Work

Anjana, Ikbal, Rajaram, Ankit, Prajakta, Sunil, Anshula, Iitesh, Swapnil & Kiran, ten of the best minds from the Mumbai HR Community, met for a dialogue on ‘Flexibility at the Wor...Read more>

To remain competitive go for flexi work arrangements

Employees are increasingly preferring flexi work arrangements. In the Gene...Read more>

Flexi work culture is trending across the globe

Global Workplace Analytichas found that businesses can have a saving of almost $ 11000 per employee per annum even if only 50% employees were given the privilege of flexi time workingRead more>

Converting an Idea into Business: The Birth of

The idea of starting was the result of a fusion of several ideas. I had a keen desire to start a business of my own. A l...Read more>

Campuses are preferring jobs with a better work life balance

Gen Z is increasingly opting for companies that offer a better work life balance. A good compensation package alone is no longer the only point of attraction.  The excitement among the student...Read more>

Companies are increasingly implementing flexi work policies due to traffic chaos on Indian roads

Till just about a few years back, I used to frown at the team members who came late even by ten minutes. With the increasing uncertainty on the roads and unprecedented traf...Read more>

Why so many companies are keen to implement flexi work policies?

Companies are increasingly adapting flexi work policies. According to a study by JobsBuzz, published in the Economic Times, 30% of the employees reported that they are allowed to Read more>

Managing Employees Who Work From Home

Availability of internet connectivity and user friendly software has made it possible to have remotely located employees who can work from their homes. These employ...Read more>

In Favour of Flexi Time Jobs

Technology has changed the concept of work spaces confined by the four walls of office spaces. Businesses can now run of a 24 x7 basis with employees working without the co...Read more>

The concept of part time work from home is evolving fast

In a recent study in Switzerland it was found that 28% Swiss partly from home. What is more interesting is the fact that nearly one third of those who are not able to do so...Read more>

You can earn more money & time by leveraging your hobbies & skills

Today morning I had an interesting conversation with Richa (name changed) from Hyderabad. She was quite frustrated with her job and more so with her boss who did not care m...Read more>

Managing a Flexi Work Force

Modern technology has enabled us to a level where it is no longer necessary to work from conventional offices. It’s a new reality for the corporate leaders. Making th...Read more>

Future of work is flexi time & work from home

A close look at the rapidly changing lifestyles around the globe Read more>

Best Companies for Flexi Timing Jobs in 2016

It is a delight to notice that the global list of top 20 global employers with Read more>

Five tips to ensure that work from home increases your productivity

Daily commute to the office keeps us on our toes and to a great extent keeps us disciplined. Read more>

Recent study in a Fortune 500 Company Proves the Benefits of Flexi Timing beyond Doubt

A recent study conducted by MIT Sloan School of Management & the University of Minnesota has proved beyond doubt that flexi time options increase job satisfaction among...Read more>

Fed up with daily commute to office? Consider working from home

Technology has opened up a whole lot of location free employment opportunities. You could be sitting in the lap of nature away from the maddening traffic living the life of...Read more>

Work from home and flexi time opportunities on the increase in India

There is good news, specially for over 48 % ofour women workforce who have to drop out of jobs in mid-career due to pressing needs at home. Given a choice a lot of men too ...Read more>

Flexi Jobs & Work from Home Opportunities to Rise in 2016

There is a large population in India today which will find it difficult to imagine a time when there was no internet and no mobile phones. Pre internet generation too has a...Read more> the online marketplace for flexible jobs !

Many times I find housewives and people who are nearing retirement asking everyone around if there are any Read more>

4 Reasons to Outsource Significant Office Positions through Flexi Jobs

The sole and primary aim of any company or organization is to grow its business. For this purpose, it strives to draw in a multitude of projects and in turn, more recruits to cater to those project...Read more>

Why Part Time Work Culture is gaining importance in today’s corporate world?

As Unemployment is gaining pace the trend is moving towards part-time jobs. Every person wants stable income and job se...Read more>


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